18 August, 2020

School is coming again soon; I am not excited about being a sacrifical fucking lamb for the education system. My friends and I got to see what classes we are in. I am deeply saddened I did not get into accounting. I am way too upset to have not gotten into accounting. Stream of consciousness prose poetry is some of my newer writing and I am loving it. I am going to be out as Miss Marcette B. this year. Mademoiselle Marcette. It's so bizarre that I heard my deadname so rarely this wretched summer. It often felt like I was melting as the Sun burned the Earth like a cow being branded with iron. Walking outside to get the mail, I saw the mosquitoes fly like shooting stars and dance as though they were in Весна священная. Je m'appelle Marcette. Je suis une fille transgenre. J'ai quinze ans; je suis belle, grande, intelligente et pénible. J'aime la montagne, les calculatrices et les ordinateurs. J'ai des amis. Leurs noms sont Kai, Syd, Elijah, Amalia, Morgan, Micha et Protea. Je n'aime pas nager et parler.
Signing off, Marcette B.



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