22 December, 2020

Site Notes:

Resources page updated. Music page updated. Daisy Game uploaded. Homepage updated.

Winter break is actual hell. I feel so tired all of the time. But!!!! I have been able to socialize more (via the power of the InterWebs)
I have realized I probably have ADHD, which is interesting
From best to worst, here is my ranking of Monster Energy flavours I have had:

I have joined a small forum online, I shall see where that will go.
I am no longer having a family gathering for Christmas, hallelujah. I am going to text two cousins in my paternal family so at least someone there knows I am trans. I have to come out to most of my mom's side of the family as well. God, that is stressful.
My christmas list is largely just clothes and cosmetics, so I hope I can get something off it lol.



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