30 June 2020

My mother and I went out and bought Zaxby's for my grandmother and we ate dinner together. I had a Chicken Fingers Plate and Fried Mushrooms and some Fried Pickles, with Dr.Pepper to drink. My mother and Aunt split a Black and Blue Zalad. My grandmother had the same as I, with a Diet Coke instead of a Dr. Pepper. Earlier in the day, my mother and I went around looking for the pharmacy she had placed an order at and then it was closed early and there had been no signifiers of such, so she was frustrated. I was up rather early, so for brealfast I had a microwaved breakfast bowl that I dumped a bunch of cholula and cayenne powder into.
I met my cousin's girlfriend and she seemed rather nice. That cousin is one of the few relatives I am out to, so I introduced myself as Marcette.
I have been playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp a lot, as of recent. I have cute little glasses, a sailor pinafore, a floppy hat, and some cute loafers, with a nice pink bob.



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