A Gathering:

I don't particularly like this too much, but I do feel like archiving it somewhere)

(Enter Aguya, a young woman dressed as a witch. She walks onto stage, looking around)

Aguya: Snezh? V? You said we were meeting up here?

(Enter Snezhana, a young statuesque woman dressed as a skeleton, and Varvara, a young bespectacled woman dressed as a fly)

Snezhana: Aggy! We’ve been looking all over for you!

Varvara: So, we are prepared for our arrival to the celebration?

(Enter Zhenya, a young blonde dressed as a black cat, on her way to said party, and Styopa, a young woman dressed as a rabbit)

Zhenya: Hey! I see you’re all still wasting air! Have you gotten any other hobbies recently, seems a tad one-note for you to be just doing that?

Styopa: Yeah, it's pretty annoying

Varvara (Aside to Snezhana and Aguya): Or perhaps we should not.

Snezhana (Aside to Varvara and Aguya): Yeah, my hobbies don’t exactly include being mocked.

Aguya (Aside to Varvara and Snezhana): Hold on. They’re wearing stiletto pumps to a party in the woods?

Varvara (Aside to Snezhana and Aguya): Of course those buffoons are.

Snezhana (Aside to Varvara and Aguya): It’s Halloween, why not break an ankle?

Zhenya: I am right here, you—

Styopa: Let’s go! Also, besides, the location changed, right? It’s over at the old house.

(Styopa and Zhenya exit and are picked up by a friend)

Aguya: Of course it changed. Snezh, do you know what time it is?

Snezhana: Yeah, it’s around 9:30 PM.

Varvara: Approximately how long do you think it would take for us to make our way over to the party?

Snezhana, disappointedly: An hour...

Aguya: Do you think we could make it there in time?

Snezhana: Yeah, uh, probably not. Ugh!

Varvara: Who needs their foolishness? We shall have our own festivities!

Snezhana: Yeah, we could do that!

Aguya: But where?

Varvara: How about these wondrous woods? The wind is gently blowing through the trees, whistling like jay songs.

Snezhana: Not quite how I’d put it, but that sounds nice

Aguya: You know what? Yeah, let’s just hang out around here.

End Scene

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