07 December, 2020

Site Notes:

Music page updated.

As of late, I have recently regained my interests in modern astrology. I got my natal chart done via a website. I am a Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon, and a Leo Rising. I do wish that that website tracked Ceres, Vesta, Pallas, Juno, and Hygiea, but alas. I am quite interested in the mathematical angles aspect of astrology, so if I can find their positions at the time, I may be able to actually calculate their aspects with the other "planets". While it may be pseudoscience, it does still ultimately intrigue me. : )
Some members of the webring are going to start working on their sites again. As much as I love doing this, it has been a little lonely and sad to watch my website continue to be the only active one. The others having sat like dead bodies rotting in their tombs. But they shall resurrect! If people do what they say they will.
I only have Personal Finance and Chemistry this week. Meaning that this week is going to bore me out of my mind. However, this has given me time to start back up a group chat. Two of my friends and I worked as lab partners in Physical Science and then we'd mostly just gossip. We've kicked our gossiping and general odd chatter back into action. It's nice.
We Know The Devil has also recently caught my attention, being an unsettling visual novel with a cast I relate to. While I relate pretty greatly to all of the cast, I relate extremely heavily to Venus. Especially in the Yellow and True Endings.



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