30 November, 2020

Site Notes:

A new section for blog upates about site updates! To help keep track of things and help people see if anything's new! Music page updated. "Poison Me" is a new poem.

My school is getting really...erratic with its schedule shifts. I have only my first and third period classes this week, so fine arts all the way. My cousin, who has infrequently suggested I apply to a fine arts centre for my...poetic talents, might be somewhat pleased by it. This is the week that I have a injury on my thumb. This is not pleasant. However, I do appreciate having my...kinder teacher after Thanksgiving break. At least one student, who had some free periods, has no school this week. I do envy him.
Protea (who has a site here) sent me a Homestuck picrew that I used to make a new trollsona, Tiamat Marryn (see below).
On Thanksgiving, despite my misgivings about social gatherings, I had a rather wonderful time hanging around said cousin. It is always nice to have some family who are not part of the cishet Americana so pervasive in the South.



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