17 November, 2020

Sincere apologies for having not update for a while, life just causes chaos and I didn't have time.
For today, yesterday, and potentially tomorrow, I have been out of school due to sickness. Today and yesteray was due to not just illness, but waiting on a test result for COVID-19 test. It was negative. I would like to note that the test actually drew blood in my right nostril.
I am still feeling ill, but more....digestive than respiratory. I vomited what little I had within my stomach, took Zofran(Xofran???) and then proceeded to still nearly vomit, even for more than 2 hours afterwards. I am most likely going to not be able to go to school tomorrow, so I will be doing work for these days during that time. Even if I recover for school on Thursday, I will have missed three out of the five days of this week.
I also would like to place a recommendation for a fanfic that has made me sob many times, From the Earth of No Return. I heavily recommend reading it.



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